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Special Application Heads:

S.T.D.-1: standard market castings- port & blend, 1.900" Int./ 1.625" Exh. Valves, tru-flo cast guides, Thermo-coat spring kit w / titanium upper retainers-
$869.95 (prices do not include castings!)

S.T.D.-2: same as above but with 1.940" Int./ 1.650" Exh.valves with increased flow for larger motors!

S.T.D.-3: Wildwood Specified casting- features 2.00" Int./ 1.750" Exh. valves - great for 95 to 103 ci. motors!
$2159.95 (price includes castings)

S&S Super stock 4" Bore Heads: we put the finishing touches on these heads to wake up that motor of yours!
$599.95(work done to your castings)

Schumaker Billet heads:-come with manifolds to run one carb per cylinder, we use Mikuni 42mm. We get these heads from Schumaker and do them up to spec. for your application!

S.T.D.-Oval Port heads: use this head on your 110-131 ci. motors and for racing !
$2995.95 (includes castings & manifold)

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