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Performance Facts

Hurricane headwork~ Premium porting & blending which includes all parts and labor~ Premium Valves, guides,springs, and seals! No Cheap Parts used!

Pistons~ Premium grade forged only! We will not compromise when it comes to part integrity only the best is good enough!

Camshafts~ we have made good reference to what we recommend here in our web site, we listed what works the best, if you want to gamble then thats your choice...Not Ours!

Carbs~ We have also made it clear that the Mikuni carb is the Best! It can be had in many forms...including duals

Ignitions~ keep in mind you may need to replace it ...in the middle of nowhere!!!!!! The HI-4E & HI-4TC, V-thunder Hyperfire, Dyna-2000, Screamin Eagle are all fine working ignitions, NO Exotics!

Exhaust~ White Bros. E-Series collector "The Best" We get asked all the time about this or that...if we didn't recommend it then we don't recommend it !

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